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 Remote Control Box, Blue, Sidemount, For Tohatsu, 4-STK, Manual Start, 4 to 30 hp's, FREE SHIPPING - RC3B7Q843601M
 Retail: $300.00   Remote Control Box, Blue, Sidemount, For Tohatsu, 4-STK, Manual Start, 4 to 30 hp's, FREE SHIPPING
 Online Price: $298.99 



Side Mount control boxes are designed to provide remote throttle & shift control for Tohatsu outboards that are equiped for remote operation. This Midnight blue control box is used on the 4-stroke, manual start, 4 hp, 5 hp, 6 hp 8 hp, 9.8 hp, 9.9 hp, 15 hp, 18 hp, 20 hp, 25 hp and 30 hp engines. Now you are probably asking yourself...Gee, I have a midnight blue Tohatsu manual start engine, is this all I need to make it into a remote control model engine? No, Grasshopper you need a few more items. You will also need an SRC kit(found under SRC Kits) and a pair of control cables(found under control cables). Installing all of this as a working system requires some skill. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO DO THIS YOURSELF UNLESS YOU HAVE THAT SKILL!!!! You could damage the engine and more importantly, damage yourself or someone you care about if you screw this up. Installation of these components could result in serious harm or even DEATH. Are you scared now? Good. Pay some local marine tech to do this so you don't cut someone's leg off when you use your boat.
WILL NOT WORK ON ELECTRIC START MODELS!!! Installation of remote control systems should only be done by a skilled marine tech.

Color: Midnight Blue aka Aquamarine
Size: Fits 4-stroke, MANUAL START, 4 TO 30 HP Models
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